Q. How does BuildersCAD compare to AutoCAD?

A. BuildersCAD has all the drafting tools you would find in AutoCAD but goes way beyond that.  It has home building specific objects, commands, intelligence and automation that are not present in a CAD system such as AutoCAD.  BuildersCAD automates everything from the layer management to the 3D model creation with the most powerful tools in the industry.  In most cases, BuildersCAD can easily replace AutoCAD with incredible productivity gains quickly realized.

Q.  Can BuildersCAD read an AutoCAD file?

A. Yes.  With the addition of the Expert Info-CAD translator you can Import and Export AutoCAD drawings from version 1 right through v2006 and ADT.

Q. Can BuildersCAD frame an AutoCAD created floor plan?

A. No, not directly.  The plan can be imported in BuildersCAD and used as a template to easily trace our intelligent framing walls on top of.  This will turn AutoCAD 2D layouts into full 3D framing models with attributes of Exterior Load Bearing Walls, Interior NLB Walls, Gable Walls, Beam Pockets, Posts, etc.

Q. My company has spent years writing AutoLISP programs to make our AutoCAD more productive.  Can I transfer this programming to BCAD?

A. There is no need to.  BuildersCAD has spent the last 20 year investing several hundred man years of programming to make it the most robust residential and framing CAD system available today.  We update the software adding features at least once a year and have a dedicated programming staff to keep the technology moving ahead.  Because all programming is done and controlled in-house, there is no risk of any functions becoming incompatible with the core products.  In return, your design department can focus on productivity rather than compatibility.

Q. I already use another software in house to design my trusses.  They now have a wall panel module.  Why should we consider BuildersCAD for our wall panels.

A. There are many reasons to consider.  The maturity of BuildersCAD is one of them.  We have been dedicated to the Panel and Automation industry for over 20 years.  This is a time proven software that has evolved around the needs of companies just like yours.  We also are unique in the fact that you can buy and own the BCAD software for less than 4 months lease on many other panel products.  Another huge plus is our stacker program.  This allows the ultimate control over panel production and is unrivaled by anything else available.  BuildersCAD also combines full Architectural CAD and 3D into it's offering.  This eliminates the need for any other CAD program in your company.

Q. Is there a way to move the wall layouts from BuildersCAD into my Truss Software so we can eliminate the possibility for re-input errors?

A. Yes.  This is easily accomplished by exporting the BCAD wall layout into a DWG or DXF format and then importing it into your truss system.

Q. I am looking to automate my shop with some computer controlled equipment.  Does BuildersCAD have any compatibility in this area?

A. Yes.  BuildersCAD has several ala-carte technology offerings including interfaces to the popular Mango, Alpine and Virtek systems.  If you have specific equipment you would like to drive we can put together a custom interface to meet your needs efficiently and economically.

Q. Many CAD systems now show framing in their advertisements and claim to be framing solutions.  What makes BuildersCAD different?

A. BuildersCAD framing is based on an expert system of rules based technology.  Unlike many system that simply show extruded rectangles that are shaded brown to look like framing, BuildersCAD actually lets the user define what happens when a 2x6 exterior wall is intersected with a 2x4 interior wall.  It creates the proper intersection based on your rules and flips through several choices until all your criteria is met including a guarantee of 3/4" minimum nailing surface for drywall and a stud nailing surface on the exterior at every 16" for proper sheathing nailing.  When a condition cannot be met, BuildersCAD flags and reports it to the user so a questionable situation does not get overlooked and built.  With BuildersCAD, a stud is a stud with real length, depth, with, grade, species, stock and behavior, not an extruded graphic to propagate a wall.  Request a live BuildersCAD demo online and you will instantly see the difference.

Q. We build walls for several local companies, each having their own unique needs for headers, corners, sheathing, rough openings and lumber pull. Is it possible to manage this variables without having to reset them for each job?

A. No problem at all.  BuildersCAD uses a concept of Job (drawing) and Projects (rule data to drive the framer).  With multiple Projects setup for various customers, any designer can quickly switch between projects to instantly and accurately calculate and display every customers exact requirements.  This eliminates the chance of overlooking any unique conditions because they are now coded to that customers project.

Q. We are always looking for a faster and more economical way to build.  How does BuildersCAD work with newly introduced lumber grades, sizes and Engineered wood products?

A. BuildersCAD allows any new type of framing component to be easily introduced into the software.  As long as you can name the item, give it available widths, depths, lengths and behavior, BCAD will place it, cut it, optimize it, count it, report it and even cost it.

Q. We have several plan designers on staff but only one Panel Engineer.  Do we need to purchase the whole software package for everyone if we only need the CAD functions and not the framing?

A.  All you need is the BuildersCAD portion to do all CAD drawings.  These files are 100% compatible with the Intelliframer and can be passed on for complete framing, stacking and cutting output at anytime.  This is the most economical setup by any software system because it allows you to only pay for what you need.  Any BuildersCAD can be upgraded to the full Intelliframer at any time without a price penalty.  This way your software can be enhanced as your productivity and needs grow.

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